4 Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Are you worried about the reliability of your Burbank furnace this winter? Furnaces have an expected useful life of about 15 to 25 years with proper preventative maintenance. If your furnace is nearing these ages and/or you have not had it inspected and repaired, you could experience a breakdown this winter. Here are a few of the common signs of an impending furnace failure.

1. You Feel Like You Are Always Repairing Your Furnace

As furnaces get older, they need more frequent repairs. You may find yourself replacing the blower, heat exchanger, burners and pilot lights. These repairs can quickly add up and make you feel like your furnace is unreliable and near the end of its expected useful life. To determine if you should continue repairing your furnace or replace it, look at your repair bills over the last 12 to 24 months. If the repair costs are significant, you may want to have one of our professional furnace repair technicians at Certified Service in Burbank evaluate your current furnace and provide you with an estimate for a new energy-efficient furnace.

2. Your Furnace Is Always On

If your furnace is constantly running, it’s a sign that it isn’t able to reach your desired indoor air temperature. This could be a problem with the heat exchanger, thermostat or blower, and it is definitely an indication that you need to call a professional furnace repair technician in Burbank in order to diagnose and repair the problem.

3. Your Furnace Makes Odd Noises

Squealing and squeaking can indicate a broken belt. Clanking noises indicate that a piece and broken off and is now moving around inside your furnace. If that broken piece gets lodged in a moving part, it can cause a catastrophic failure that could leave you without heat until an HVAC technician in Burbank can diagnose and repair the problem.

4. Your Heating Bills Have Dramatically Increased

If your heating bills have dramatically increased year over year, it is an indication that your furnace is not operating efficiently and is past its expected useful life. New heating systems can be up to 98 percent energy-efficient, which means 98 percent of the energy they use is converted to heat. This can dramatically reduce your energy bills and provide your home with years of reliable, low-maintenance heat.

Furnace Repair in Burbank, CA

Since 1972, residents in Burbank and surrounding areas have counted on Certified Service for all of their heating and air conditioning service needs. From AC repair and maintenance program to AC installation we’re always focused on your comfort. To get your furnace inspected or repaired this winter, contact us today!

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