Are Heating Tune-Ups Necessary?

At Certified Service, we offer affordable maintenance plans to keep your climate systems running at their best. In the autumn, our technicians will come to your home and give your furnace a careful inspection. We recognize that our customers are always looking to save money. The long-term benefits of an annual heating tune-up definitely outweigh the short-term savings of skipping this service.

Higher Efficiency

When we first install your system, everything is carefully calibrated to give you the most power and efficient heating possible. Over time, things will change. The low-level vibrations that happen when the system runs can make the settings less precise. The dust that accumulates over several months can make the system less responsive, so it has to work harder to pump warm air into your home.

All of these factors can impact the unit’s efficiency. During an annual tune-up, our technicians will recalibrate, clean and lubricate the system. It will run to the best of its ability, saving you money on heating costs.

Fewer Unexpected Repairs

When our technicians look at your system, they can find small problems that could turn into larger issues. It is only natural that parts will wear out over time. When an expert replaces those parts before there is a system failure, it is usually a less expensive repair.

In addition, making repairs before the heating season gets into full swing means fewer interruptions during the winter months. It is simply better for everyone to deal with repairs on your schedule than to deal with the stress and expense of an emergency repair call.

Longer System Life

A new furnace is an expensive investment in your home. Regular maintenance allows you to get the best return on that investment. When you let our technicians maintain your system, you can be certain that it will be providing home comfort for many heating seasons to come.

At Certified Service, we are dedicated to keeping your home in Burbank comfortable throughout the year. We are a professional company that can take care of all your heating and cooling needs. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive maintenance plans or to schedule an appointment for a repair.

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