Benefits of Packaged Heating & Cooling Systems

One of the most overlooked aspects of a truly comfortable home is your HVAC system.  At Certified Service, it’s our job to make sure that these important heating and cooling appliances are installed properly and run seamlessly in your home or business.  That’s why we are quick to adopt technological advancements that support your long-term HVAC needs.  Some of the most impactful innovations in our industry at the moment are packaged HVAC systems that house both heating and cooling elements in one cabinet instead of in separate containers.  Here are some specific benefits of packaged HVAC systems.

Advantages of Packaged Heating and Cooling Systems

#1 Space Saving

Traditional HVAC systems have an indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor.  By combining these two systems into one unit, you gain 50% more space.

#2 Easier to Maintain

Technicians can easily service a packaged heating and cooling unit without having to check two different areas.

#3 More Energy Efficient

Depending on the packaged HVAC model chosen, you can experience significant energy savings.  Look for brands that have the Energy Star logo for the most efficient heating and cooling systems.

#4 Simpler Initial Installation

Packaged HVAC systems often come pre-assembled from the manufacturer, which makes initial installation easier.

#5 Possibly More Affordable

Easier installation can equate to lower labor costs.

#6 Quieter HVAC Solution

Packaged HVAC systems can be placed outdoors.  This cuts down on indoor noise.

Certified Service is a factory authorized dealer of Carrier HVAC systems.  Carrier is a leader in packaged heating and cooling products, and it offers combination heat pump and gas furnace options to keep you and your family comfortable all year long.  When you’re ready to gain unmatched energy efficiency with an all-in-one HVAC system, give us a call.  We can help you to determine the system that is right for your particular needs.