When you need ductless HVAC systems in Glendale, CA, look to Certified Service. If you have a newly built home, are considering an addition, or have a room that doesn’t cool sufficiently, mini-split air conditioning in Glendale is an ideal solution to augment your home’s comfort.

Ductless systems focus on the comfort of you and your family. They provide many advantages you may have yet to consider, including energy savings, better air quality, and personalized control. Mini-split systems come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Mini-Split Air Conditioning in Glendale

Central air conditioning units have one main system for the entire home. Think of mini-split systems as climate solutions for individual rooms or areas. When considering ductless HVAC systems, you’ll need a separate system for each area. Unlike traditional air conditioning, mini splits don’t use ducts to move cooled air through your home, thus the ductless designation.

Certified Service can install your mini-split air conditioning in several ways. We have wall-mounted, under-ceiling, floor-mounted, and in-ceiling units. The system that’s right for you depends on the configuration of the room where you want the unit. While most link to an outside wall, some systems can control the climate in interior rooms, although installation for these is more involved. Mini-split systems can also provide spot heating for those winter days when Glendale becomes a little chilly.

The advantages of installing mini-split systems are wide-ranging. Even though you may initially spend more money on these systems than you would for a central system, the benefits they provide can be life-changing.

Consider the following advantages when you select one or more ductless HVAC systems in Glendale:
  • Targeted efficiency as air isn’t lost through air ducts
  • Minimally invasive installation with only a small hole required
  • Installation flexibility even in tight places
  • Ability to supplement central systems
  • Zoned control to target problem rooms

Ductless HVAC Systems in Glendale

While Europeans have installed these systems for decades, mini-split systems remain a relatively new technology in California. Installing them takes specialized knowledge. You can trust Certified Service to provide thorough installation of your new ductless HVAC system.

We have provided reliable HVAC service to area customers for over 40 years. As a family-owned company, we take pride in giving you the best possible products and services in the industry. Our staff maintains the highest quality and industry certifications, so we will perform all our work professionally and efficiently. We are also a Carrier-authorized dealer and offer rebate programs for appropriate systems.

If you want to learn more about the ductless HVAC systems Glendale residents rave about, contact our office today.