How Are Ducts Sealed and Inspected?

Your HVAC system works hard all year long to keep your home comfortable. The more it runs, the more wear and tear your ducts will endure, and when ducts get loose or develop gaps and holes, the more will go wrong with your air treatment system.

This coming summer is expected to be one of the hottest on record here in Burbank, California. Compromised ducts will lower the efficiency of your HVAC system and allow dust, dirt, and pests to spoil the air quality in your home. To remedy this, your ducts must be inspected and sealed by a professional. Certified Service can ensure your AC, Heat Pump, Furnace, Thermostat, Coils, Fan Coil, and other air treatment systems are in good condition. Here’s how duct inspection and repair are done.

Duct Inspection

HVAC professionals will check to see whether debris is flowing in or out of your air vents. Using a probing flash camera, they will open your vents and check for signs of vermin, debris, and dust that’s come from somewhere down the duct system. There will inevitably be some dust near the register. But the amount and type of debris will be used to determine whether or not further inspection down a specific duct line is necessary. If, after inspection, it is determined that your ductwork needs repair or cleaning- your HVAC professional will use additional specialized tools and equipment to accomplish these tasks.

Duct Repair

After your ductwork is inspected working backward from the furnace to the register, problem areas such as leaks, holes, loose connections, sagging sections, and missing pieces are marked. Support straps may be added to shore up sagging sections. Loose and cracked tape will be removed from the joints, the joints cleaned and tightened, and then the tape will be replaced. Any holes or damage will be sealed or repaired as well. If excessive dirt, debris, or mold blooms exist, it will need to be addressed.

With summer on its way, your duct system needs to be in tip-top shape to help you cope with the heat. To learn more about duct inspection and repair, and schedule an estimate, contact the pros at a Certified Service today.

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