How an Air Conditioner Compressor Works

An air conditioning system performs a vital role either in your home or your car. The system has three key mechanical parts – the condenser, evaporator, and compressor. A compressor could better be termed as the heart of the air conditioner. It removes vapor from the evaporator, an action that draws the humidity from the air before it enters your home or car. An air condition compressor is a bridge between the evaporator and the condenser in the outdoors.

For the heat absorbed from inside your home to be released, the refrigerant needs to be of higher temperature and pressure compared to the air outside. And that’s where the air conditioner compressor comes in handy.

Essentially, the cycle begins when the refrigerant gets into the compressor through the suction line. Housed inside the compressor motor are pistons which move up and down drawing the refrigerant in. The down strokes draw the air the gas from the indoors while the upstrokes compress the refrigerant.

Upon squeezing the gaseous refrigerant, the molecules pack tightly together raising the temperature and pressure. A pressure difference is essential, so the for the refrigerant to flow. Naturally, high-pressure fluids flow toward the low-pressure fluids. The air is then forced outside as hot, high-pressure gas through the discharge line and into the condenser.

Given that the heat naturally flows from the higher temperature substances to the lower temperature matter, a temperature difference is crucial. The heat from the hot refrigerant will be forced to the cooler air outside. As a result, the refrigerant then cools down, condenses into liquid, and then returns. And the cycle continues.

Compressor Maintenance
To ensure the performance of the air conditioning system is at the optimum, you have to keep the compressor functioning properly. Given the complexity of the system, we recommend that you call a certified professional for repairs, installation, and maintenance.

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