How To Effectively Set Your Thermostat For A Multi-Story Home

One of the challenges of living in a multi-story home is that the temperature could be different on each floor. Warm air rises, so upper floors will inevitably be hotter than lower levels. The information below explains how to make your whole home comfortable without dramatically increasing your energy bills.

Install Multiple Thermostats

Most homes, including new ones, have just one thermostat located on the first floor. You should have a thermostat on every floor so that you can properly zone them. Without a thermostat on every floor, it is unlikely that you can guarantee what the temperature will be on each of them.

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Thermostat Settings for the Summer

In the summer, you should set the temperature to what you want on the thermostat located on the uppermost floor. Each floor below that should be set two degrees cooler. This creates what’s called a temperature cascade.

The upper floor will reach the temperature on the thermostat. From there, the cool air on the upper floor will fall as warm air rises, cooling your lower floors. With this method, your home will have almost the same temperature on every floor.

Thermostat Settings for the Winter

In the winter, set your thermostats up in the opposite direction. The thermostat on the lowest floor should be set the warmest and the top floor the lowest temperature. The lowest floor will reach your desired temperature, and warm air will rise to heat the upper floors.

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