Regular Furnace Cleaning Keeps Your Furnace Efficient

If your Burbank, CA home has a furnace that supplies its heat, you likely bought it because of its efficiency. Besides heat pumps, you won’t find heating systems anywhere near as efficient. However, your furnace can start to lose efficiency over time if you don’t maintain it properly. Here is how regular furnace cleaning can keep your furnace running at peak efficiency.

What Causes Furnace Efficiency Losses?

The efficiency of your furnace depends on how well it carries out the combustion process and how much of the resulting heat it can capture. However, if the combustion process is inherently dirty it can cause your furnace’s burners to lose efficiency over time. So, too, can dirt build up inside your furnace’s heat exchanger, which can interfere with the transfer of heat from combustion gasses into your home’s air. On average, those factors can cause up to a 5% efficiency reduction after a single year of operation. And if left unchecked, the losses only escalate from there.

How Regular Furnace Cleaning Restores Efficiency

During a furnace cleaning, our HVAC technician will thoroughly clean your furnace’s burners so that incoming fuel burns as completely as possible. They will also clean your furnace’s heat exchanger to restore efficient heat transfer to your home’s air. They will even replace your furnace’s air filter to prevent any unnecessary dirt from reentering your system during the winter. If you stick to a schedule of at least one furnace cleaning appointment per year, you can keep your furnace running as efficiently as possible throughout its lifetime.

Since 1973, Certified Service has been the go-to furnace service company for residents in and around Burbank. We offer comprehensive HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services. We also offer indoor air quality solutions and commercial HVAC services, too. All of our HVAC technicians are NATE-certified and will arrive with everything they need to complete the work you require. As a family-owned and operated business, you can count on us to offer fair prices and flawless workmanship in all we do. So, when the furnace in your Burbank home needs cleaning, call the experts at Certified Service right away!

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