How To Tell if Your AC Is Running Efficiently

August 10, 2021

Having an air conditioner that’s running efficiently can save you money and frustration as the weather gets hotter and stays hot throughout the summer and into the early fall. When you’re trying to determine whether or not your air conditioner is getting the air cold enough at a quick enough pace, there’s a simple test that you can try. You’ll need a thermometer and a hot day. Temp the Air From the Air Conditioner On a day that’s hotter than 80 degrees, turn on your air conditioner and find a supply vent. You’ll know that it’s a supply vent because it should be pushing air out. An air conditioner that’s running well should be able to blow a piece of paper enough that it makes cracking sounds as the paper moves under the wind. Put the thermometer on the vent and let it take the temperature of the air coming out of it for about five minutes. You can use a weather thermometer or a cooking thermometer. It just can’t be a thermometer used to check for fever because this kind will shut off. After about five minutes, take the thermometer off the register and check the reading of the...

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