Can Your Home Get AC Without Existing Ductwork?

September 14, 2022

Your home doesn’t have ductwork, and maybe you’ve heard about how much of a hassle it is to install. Some homeowners can’t even get it installed even if they want to because their home’s structure is too old to support it. Fortunately for you and many others, there’s such a thing as a ductless air conditioner. It’s called a ductless heat pump or a mini-split system. The Way Mini-Splits Work A heat pump cools a space by transferring heat from there to the outside. There are three main components: the air handler indoors, the compressor outside, and the refrigerant line connecting the two. A mini-split has the same three components, though the air handler and piping are more compact, and the most obvious difference is that it doesn’t channel its cool air to a system of ducts. The air handler on a mini-split can only cool one room, but one positive is that the compressor can support up to eight air handlers. Installation is simple; you won’t have a hard time finding room on your wall for the air handler, and the refrigerant line can usually stretch up to 50 feet. A 3-inch hole in the wall suffices to bring...

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