Saving Money With a Whole-Home Humidifier

May 21, 2019

A whole-home humidifier is often installed directly into your home’s central cooling and heating system. In contrast to a portable humidifier, a whole-home humidifier can humidify every single room in your house. Many people and research studies have conveyed the benefits of a portable humidifier, but how can a whole-home humidifier help you save money? Keep Warm Air Flowing in the Winter Months Once the weather starts to get cooler, our immediate reaction is to bump up the thermostat. In fact, the months with the highest usage of electricity are often in the winter and summer—for obvious reasons. Still, what if you didn’t have to raise the thermostat right away? What if you could save money on your winter heating bills by adding a whole-home humidifier? What many homeowners are realizing is that a whole-home humidifier actually makes the circulating air feel warmer. As a result, you can stop fidgeting with the thermostat. A certified HVAC specialist who can efficiently install a whole-home humidifier can help you save money on your energy costs. Prevent the Flu and Irritated Respiratory Systems Your health is your wealth. When you’re battling a tough cold, the only thing you can think of is getting...

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