What a Multi-Zone HVAC System Does

July 26, 2022

HVAC zoning saves money, prevents energy waste, and makes homes more comfortable overall. If you’re looking for a worthwhile improvement for your Burbank home, having your HVAC system zoned is an excellent choice. With zoned heating and cooling, you can lower your carbon footprint and maintain everyone’s ideal indoor temperature. What Is a Multi-Zone System? A central HVAC system has a single thermostat and a single system of air ducts that uniformly distributes heated and cooled air throughout the entire building. When you set your preferred temperature at the thermostat, your air conditioner or heater will run until every room reaches or nears this setting. Although central HVAC is effective for keeping homes both comfortable and safe, it’s often responsible for higher than necessary energy bills. After all, when homes are uniformly heated and cooled, homeowners are spending money to regulate temperatures in areas that aren’t being used. Multi-zone systems make it possible to alter the temperature in one area of the home independent of all others. When zoning central HVAC systems, HVAC companies install dampers in the existing ductwork. Dampers open to permit airflow when heated or cooled air is needed in a specific zone, and they close to...

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