Do Plants Help Indoor Air Quality?

February 11, 2020

According to a growing number of researchers and plant enthusiasts, the air inside can gradually improve if you create and maintain an indoor garden. Several plants will suffice because green foliage can remove a good amount of airborne pollutants. Although they won’t be as effective as air-purifying devices, you can still benefit from the results. Top Reason to Consider Plants can get the job done because their leaves are covered with stomata, which are similar to the pores on your skin. Because of these tiny openings, plants have excellent absorbing power. They take in not only gases and light but also a variety of volatile organic compounds. This is good news for you if you often handle plastics, smoke cigarettes or use cosmetics. Benzene and formaldehyde are toxic components in cigarette smoke, plastic containers, and makeup. By placing plants throughout your property, you can potentially prevent benzene and formaldehyde from building up in the indoor environment. Without such chemicals floating around, the air in your breathing space will be 10 times safer to inhale. Other Ways to Improve Air Quality It should be noted that plants alone often aren’t enough to totally refresh an indoor area. While they can certainly...

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