Can a Smart Thermostat Lower your Heating Bill?

March 11, 2020

Perhaps in your search for ways to reduce your heating bill you’ve come across people or websites recommending smart thermostats. While there is no doubt that smart thermostats can save you money, the question is really how much. Ordinary Thermostats and Smart Thermostats First of all, it is important to know how a thermostat works. This device turns the heating system on and off based on its reading of the indoor temperature. It can only indirectly cut down on energy costs by having the system turn on for a shorter period to heat at a lower temperature. The difference is that while ordinary thermostats require you to set the temperature according to your own lights, smart thermostats know more accurately what is energy-efficient at what time. In other words, even an ordinary thermostat can help you to save money; it just takes more effort on your part. Smart Thermostats and Heating Schedules The main draw with smart thermostats is that they can learn your heating preferences and lower the temperature during those times when it’s wise to do so — namely, when you’re asleep or outside of the home. With a smartphone app, you can turn the heat on before...

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