Three Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Is Loud

In places with moderate climates like Burbank, CA, a heat pump is an energy-efficient way to maintain indoor comfort all year long. Most of the time, a properly installed heat pump operates quietly, and all you’ll hear is the whoosh of air in your vents and a click on and off at the start and end of a heating cycle. However, there are three reasons why your heat pump may be louder than usual on certain occasions.

1. Switch to Defrost Mode

In the wintertime, your heat pump will occasionally go through defrost cycles. The purpose of the defrost cycle is to melt ice that has built up on the coils. The defrost cycle is noisier than a heating cycle. The sound should stop within 15 minutes.

2. Debris in Outdoor Housing

Debris may have fallen into the outdoor unit’s housing. A tree branch, bird’s nest, or something else could be stuck in there. Each time the fan turns, it hits the debris. After the end of a heating cycle, power off the heat pump. Take a look to see if there’s debris stuck in the housing. If you can see it but can’t get to it, a service call is necessary.

3. Motor or Electrical Problems

A loud buzzing or humming sound could be an electrical problem, such as a failing capacitor. If you hear a loud grinding, banging, or squealing, a belt could be loose. The motor could also be failing. Any sudden, new, or deafening sounds during a heating cycle need to be investigated by a skilled technician with the right tools and diagnostic equipment.

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