Trouble Ahead: Signs That Point to a Heating System Problem

The most obvious sign that your heating system has a problem is when it stops working altogether. If you had only known sooner, you wouldn’t be making an emergency repair call in the middle of the night. Here are some common warning signs that a heating system problem may be on the horizon.

Your Furnace is More Than 15 Years Old

Like many things in your home, furnace technology continues to improve each year. By the time your furnace is 15 years old, its ability to run efficiently has dropped a great deal, especially when compared to a more modern furnace. For example, most old furnaces can only heat at a single setting. Modern furnaces have low and high heating settings, burning less fuel over time. The same goes for the air handler in your furnace. Older models run at a single speed, while modern air handlers blow air at multiple speeds depending on demand.

Loud Noises

Every heating system makes some amount of noise as the burner ignites or circulating fans turn. However, when a system begins to fail, you may hear the high-pitched whining of a loose motor belt, the rattle of loose screws, or the scraping sound of a misaligned blower fan. You know the normal sounds of your heating system. If you hear a noise that doesn’t belong, then contact a heating technician right away.

Rising Heating Bills

If the cost of your heating bill is an unpleasant surprise, then it may mean that your heating system isn’t running efficiently. Leaks in the ductwork may make the system heat and push extra air to keep your house comfortable. You may also notice that heat is inconsistent throughout the home, with some places too warm and others not warm enough. If you notice an unusual rise in heating costs or that your system is running too much, then make an appointment to have it examined by a professional.

At Certified Service, it’s our goal to keep the homes in Burbank, CA, comfortable throughout the year. We can help you with the repair of your old system or the installation of a new one. Give us a call today, and let Certified Service help you with all your heating and cooling needs in the Burbank area.

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