Variable Speeds: Air Conditioners & Furnaces

AC SystemPeople are always looking for ways to save money, and the best way to start is to review your current bills. The power bill is usually one of the first places to look, as a few lifestyle changes can cut down on energy use. That’s not to say your home must remain uncomfortable as you clearly want to maintain control over the temperature inside your home, but new technologies allow for the house to be comfortable while conserving energy which doesn’t have to be used.

Variable Speed Compressor and Fan

One new technology is the variable speed HVAC compressor and fan so instead of either being on or off, the system can run at partial speed and still maintain the ambient temperature in the home without using as much power. Late spring weather or even a rainy summer day may not need the full force of the compressor’s cooling efficiency, so running it at half power can still keep the ambient temperature comfortable and even. On a hot sunny day, it may be more efficient to run at full speed for maximum effective cooling. Likewise, the fan doesn’t need to run at full speed on most days. You still need the top speed for full heating and cooling effects on some days, but running the fan a bit slower when appropriate can end up saving on your monthly power bill.

Benefits of a Variable Speed System

The main benefit of using variable speed technology is that is the power saving, but a further benefit is the consistency of the temperature throughout the day. Rather than running at full speed on and off for a total of six hours throughout the day, variable speed systems can run at half speed for twelve hours using the same total amount of energy, maintaining the temperature rather than allowing it to bounce up and down by a few degrees every hour. It can also mean less stress on the system, meaning less maintenance and repairs over time.

Furnace Repair in Burbank, CA

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