Are Space Heaters Energy Efficient?

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If you have an old furnace or need a new one, you may have thought about heating your home with space heaters. How efficiently they can heat your home depends on several factors. The bottom line, though, is you’re likely better off relying on your HVAC system.

Can a Space Heater Be Significantly Energy Efficient?

The only way a space heater can be energy efficient is if you only want to heat one room in your home. You’d spend far less money heating your entire home with even an old furnace than placing a space heater in every room.

The other factors include how much electricity the space heater uses, what heating system it uses, and how much your utilities cost. Natural gas is almost always a cheaper way to heat your home than using electricity.

Getting the Most Out of a Space Heater

If you do want to heat a single room with a space heater, buy one made for the size of the room you plan to use it in. Look at the wattage of similar ones to see which uses the least electricity. Look for energy-saving features, such as a timer setting and thermostat.

Is a Radiant Space Heater a Good Choice?

Radiant space heaters are the most efficient type of space heater. They emit infrared rays that heat people and objects instead of the surrounding air. They’re best used if you’ll be sitting in one spot for a while, such as while working on a computer or watching TV.

A Convection Space Heater Offers a Simple Solution

A convection space heater warms the surrounding air. While not as efficient as a radiant model, they’re better if you need to heat an entire room.

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