Consider These 3 Top Heating Options for Your Home

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Even in regions where temperatures seldom fall below freezing, heating your home is needed during winter. To save costs without sacrificing comfort, homeowners should prioritize energy efficiency since heating costs can quickly gobble up over half of the typical household’s energy budget.

Here are three heating options that can help you save money and improve your comfort level.

Central Heating

Central heating systems use a furnace or boiler to heat air or water that then circulates through pipes throughout your home. This type of system is the most common in new homes. Still, it’s also possible to install a central heating system in an existing house by adding a new pipe loop from the main line through each room or by installing radiators in each room where no existing radiator is already installed.

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are often used as supplemental heaters rather than primary sources of warmth because they need to produce more heat to keep entire rooms warm. They can be used as additional heaters in kitchens and bathrooms with a venting system that will prevent the buildup of carbon monoxide from escaping into other parts of your home.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump uses electricity to transfer heat from one area of your house to another where it is needed most. If you’re trying to warm up your living room with an electric heater but the temperature outside is below freezing, you’ll need more electricity than usual to keep warm indoors — unless you install a heat pump! Heat pumps use less energy than other types.

When choosing a home heating system, it’s crucial to consider your geographic location. There are several benefits to installing various kinds of heating systems in a home. Mini-splits or even an ordinary space heater suffice in areas where winters are mild. If you need help choosing a heating system, Certified Service is the way to go. We can help install a new heating system at your home in Burbank or a surrounding area. We also provide AC services and indoor air quality assessments.