Ductwork 101

Ductwork is one of the most important components of an HVAC system. As the vessels through which warm and cold airflow, HVAC ducts keep each part of the home at the desired temperature. The integrity of the duct system directly impacts the overall performance of the heating and cooling equipment.

Designing Ductwork

Total renovations and newly constructed homes require ductwork. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America outlined industry best practices for design in its manual. The manual extensively details how to design and install ductwork for maximum balance and airflow. Although these specifications are clearly defined in trade literature, some technicians erroneously ignore the guidelines and design ductwork solely based on the home’s square footage.

Ductwork Materials

Ductwork must be made of approved permanent materials. Most ducts are fabricated from lightweight sheet metal, although fiberglass flexible ducts have recently been gaining popularity. Flexible ducts can be easily maneuvered to allow for soft turns, which minimizes restrictions to airflow. Another advantage is that fiberglass ducts are also insulated. This makes them suitable for unconditioned spaces as the insulation will allow little heat gain or loss.

Best Location for Ductwork

Uninhabited areas in the home, such as attics, basements, and crawl spaces, are subjected to extreme temperatures. Therefore, ductwork is susceptible to heat gains and losses when installed in these areas. As a result, rooms located farther away from the air conditioner or furnace will not receive airflow that is adequately heated or cooled to the desired temperature.

Call the Professionals

When in doubt, the best way to ensure ductwork is optimally installed and located is to call a licensed and experienced HVAC technician. Certified Service in Burbank, CA, is available to work side by side with commercial owners of new construction and older properties to ensure all ductwork meets HVAC industry standards. Whether you need a ductwork cleaning or an all-new ductless system, the reliable technicians at Certified Service do it all. Call today to learn more about all our heating and cooling services.

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