Is a Landlord Required to Fix Your AC?

Tenant Rights in Burbank, CA

Warm weather can be unbearable if you don’t have a properly functioning air conditioning system. If you’re renting an apartment or home and you suspect that your air conditioning system isn’t working properly, it might be time to contact your landlord to see what your options are.

Lease Agreements and State Laws Regarding AC

Whether a landlord needs to fix your air conditioning system and how long they have to do it depends on what is in the lease agreement and what the laws in your state or location are. Only in a few select areas are landlords legally required to provide working air conditioning. In most other locations, air conditioning is not considered a safety concern and is therefore not a requirement for habitability.

However, most landlords want their tenants to be happy and comfortable, so they’re generally eager to help you get your air conditioning system fixed. An implied warranty of habitability can also help you. An unstated guarantee for most rental situations, this warranty says that any air conditioning or heating systems that were functioning when you signed the lease must be maintained, and it can often be legally binding.

How to Get Your Air Conditioning System Fixed

It’s always best to call your landlord and discuss options. Many landlords are happy to let you choose your own heating and cooling company to repair the air conditioner. Save all of your invoices for the repair or new installation of a new unit. Your landlord might pay the company directly, or they might choose to have you pay and then reimburse you. Some landlords deduct expenses from rent.

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