Is There a Problem If You Pressure Wash Your AC Unit?

AC Cleaning in Burbank, CA

Air conditioners are probably one of the most expensive appliances in any home. Considering the important role they play in cooling homes, most people are always eager to clean and ensure their AC units are in good condition. There’s no doubt that regular maintenance of your air conditioner unit will increase efficiency as well as its lifespan.

However, cleaning it with the wrong equipment can cause a lot of damage and render your AC unit useless. Is it safe to power wash your AC unit? And if not, how should you clean it? It is important to consult with professionals at Certified Service to prevent actions that can damage your AC unit.

Why Should You Clean Your AC Unit?

A unit that is clogged with debris or dirt won’t perform efficiently. This clogging makes your AC overwork to cool or heat your home. Just like anyone else, you will want to clean the coils to avoid damage and increase efficiency. Power washing may seem like a great option to blow away any dirt and debris, but power washing can do more harm than good to your AC unit.

Instead of fixing the issue, power washing will create bigger problems by damaging the fins. The coils inside your AC can’t withstand the intensity of a power washer. The best you can do is to power wash the outside of the AC unit.

What Should You Do?

Switch off your AC before you start cleaning it. The next step is to trim any overgrown grass around the unit and remove its top. After that, cover the motor and electrical wires using plastic wrap. You can then use a vacuum with a brush attachment to suck out any debris from the unit.

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