Should I Upgrade My Thermostat?


Homeowners should generally replace their climate control systems every one or two decades. However, few people remember to replace their thermostats. Since thermostats control all climate control systems, it’s imperative to replace them often or when you notice specific signs. Don’t worry if you are among those homeowners who don’t know when to replace their thermostats. Read on to discover the signs that it’s time to replace your AC’s thermostat.

Your HVAC Keeps Turning Off

The thermostat sends signals to the air conditioner on when to lower or increase temperatures. If the air conditioning system stops receiving signals from a thermostat, it’s probably because your thermostat has an issue. The wiring inside the thermostat could be faulty. It’s wise to hire an HVAC professional to check on the thermostat and replace it.

Faulty Thermostat Readings

Correct thermostat settings ensure that your home doesn’t get too cold or hot, especially during the winter or summer seasons in the TX area. It may be time to consider replacing your thermostat if it starts registering incorrect temperatures. You can verify whether the temperature is correct by testing the reading with a portable indoor thermometer. Your thermostat’s sensor could be faulty if you find the wrong readings.

An Old Thermostat

It’s time to replace your thermostat if it is older than two decades. You need to replace it with a newer unit that is more reliable than the older one. Replacing an old thermostat with a digital one can benefit your home in several ways, including being compatible with split systems, keeping temperatures with comfortable ranges, and being programmable for maximum efficiency.

You Replace the HVAC System

When you replace your heating and cooling system, it’s wise to upgrade the thermostat too. You might sometimes require a new and updated thermostat to deal with a more energy-efficient heating and cooling system. An HVAC professional will advise you on the best thermostat to replace with, depending on your HVAC unit.

We have qualified and experienced technicians to replace a faulty thermostat with a new one for your home’s comfort. You can also talk to us for maintenance and installation of heating, air conditioning, commercial HVAC systems, and performance AC tune-up. Contact Certified Service today for more information on when you should replace your thermostat in Burbank.

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