The Top Benefits of Product Warranties

When it comes to air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and other heating and cooling equipment for the home, products usually include a warranty. Basic warranties often vary from one brand and model to the next. Certain aspects of these warranties are required by law, but they are also an opportunity to distinguish a product and give consumers confidence in a brand.

Product Life Expectancy Confidence

At Certified Service in Burbank, we work with all brands and models but are proud to be a Carrier factory-authorized dealer. A big reason for that is the product warranties that Carrier includes with its air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and other equipment. If an AC unit is intended to last at least 10 years, you get some level of guarantee that out-of-pocket expenses will be mitigated or even eliminated should that particular unit not last that long.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Another benefit is that you can have great confidence in the total cost of ownership of your products. If a new AC unit, for instance, were to falter or even fail within the warranty period, then much, if not all, of that cost would be covered by that contract.

Home Value

Many heating and cooling product warranties are in whole or in part transferrable. That increases the value of your home to some degree because should you ever sell your house, then all or some of the coverage would extend to the new homeowner as well.

Extended Warranties

Product warranties provided with heating and AC installation may also give you the option to extend that protection. You can extend the term but also the coverage to include labor for a much longer period.

Learn More About Warranties

If you have any questions about warranties, Certified Service is happy to answer them. Our team knows a lot about warranties and rebate programs as they relate to heating and cooling systems. Call us today to learn more about those topics or to schedule an on-site consultation in the Burbank area. We can also assist with heating and cooling repair, installation, and maintenance as well as commercial HVAC systems.

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