Top Reasons Why Your Furnace May Be Blowing Cold Air

Furnace Repair in Burbank, CA

When chilly weather arrives, you want to be able to depend on your furnace to keep you comfortable indoors. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. A common issue you may experience is your heating system blowing cold air rather than warm. There could be a number of reasons for this problem. Some of them can be easily taken care of on your own. Others will require the help of heating pros. Here’s a rundown of some of the most common reasons why your furnace may be blowing cold air.

Wrong Thermostat Setting

One of the easiest issues to address is improper thermostat setting. It’s possible someone in your home accidentally set the thermostat to the “on” function, which would cause your fan to run continuously or to the “cool” setting. Take a look and make adjustments if necessary.

Low Batteries in Thermostat

Maybe your thermostat’s battery is low. That’s another easy fix. Try changing them to see if it makes a difference.

System Needs a Reset

If you have an electric control panel to run your heating system, it may need to be reset. Just turn the power switch off. Wait a few minutes, and then restart it to see if that works.

Empty Fuel Tank

If you have a propane-fueled furnace, you may simply be out of fuel. The fan is blowing air, despite the fact that there is no heating source.

System Overheating

If you haven’t changed the furnace filter lately, the buildup could cause your system to work too hard and overheat. Shut things down and see if changing the filter helps.

Pilot Light Out

Sometimes the pilot light in older furnaces gets extinguished. If you feel comfortable re-lighting it, you can do so.

Our Heating Professionals Can Help

These are just some of the likely reasons your furnace could be blowing cold air. If you aren’t able to find or fix the issue on your own, the Certified Service trained technicians can help. Contact us for assistance with this problem or for any of your heating or air conditioning repair, installation or maintenance needs in the Burbank area.