3 Ways Opening Your Windows Could Benefit Your HVAC System

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Opening the windows in your Burbank, CA home moves stale, stagnant air out and allows fresh, outside air to flow in. According to researchers, in the right conditions, it can also boost your energy, cognitive functioning, and mood. However, what you may be surprised to discover is that it benefits your HVAC system in three important ways.

1. Address Carbon Dioxide and VOCs

Standard HVAC air filters are great at screening out particulates, but gases are a different story. As you and your family use a room, you slowly replace the oxygen levels with carbon dioxide. High carbon dioxide levels can lead to sluggishness and other physical symptoms. Additionally, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are gases that emanate from plastics, paints and other household items. These substances are linked to feelings of malaise called “sick house syndrome.” Open windows replace both carbon dioxide and VOCs with fresher outdoor air.

2. Give Your HVAC System a Breather

When the outside temperatures plummet or soar, some heaters and air conditioners work nearly non-stop to maintain comfortable, uniform temperatures in homes. On days with moderate weather, opening your windows is an excellent alternative to running your HVAC system. Given that you should never run your heater or air conditioner with your windows or doors open, your HVAC equipment will have a chance to cool down and do nothing.

3. Create the Perfect Opportunity for Light Maintenance

Turning your HVAC system off and airing your home out creates a perfect window of opportunity for light HVAC maintenance. This is a great time to inspect and replace HVAC air filters, clean all air registers, grilles, and vents throughout the home, and make sure that the outside condenser unit has sufficient clearance. By airing your home out on a monthly schedule, you can make sure that these regular and essential maintenance tasks are never overlooked.

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