Easy Ways to Void an HVAC Warranty

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As a general rule, any HVAC component that you have installed in your home will come with a warranty. However, the warranty may be canceled if you don’t properly care for a furnace, heat pump, or central air conditioning system. Let’s look at some of the common actions that homeowners fail to take that can lead to such a result.

You Fail to Have Your Home’s HVAC System Inspected Each Year

Failing to properly maintain a heating or cooling system may lead to the loss of any warranty that came with it. One of the easiest ways to prevent this from happening is to schedule an annual inspection. If any issues are found while a technician from Certified Service is at your Burbank, CA, home, they can generally be fixed in a timely manner.

You Fail to Keep Records of Your Efforts to Maintain the HVAC System

In almost all cases, you should receive some sort of documentation from anyone who works on your home’s heating or cooling components. It’s critical that you keep these documents in a secure location so that you can refer to them when making a warranty claim. This will minimize the chances that your claim will be denied or that any guarantees from the manufacturer will be voided entirely.

Make Sure to Register Your Products

There is a chance that an HVAC component’s warranty will be voided if it isn’t registered in a timely manner. Fortunately, many companies now allow you to complete this process online. It should only take a few minutes to enter your name, address, and other basic information about yourself and the product that was purchased.

If you are having issues with your home’s existing heating or cooling system, call Certified Service for help today! We can inspect a furnace, install a new air conditioner, or repair a heat pump, and much more. It may also be possible to have ductless products installed in your home in an affordable and timely manner. We look forward to hearing from you.

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