Heat Pump Effectiveness for Heating and Cooling

HVAC heat pump installations

A heat pump is an energy-efficient heating and cooling option. Instead of generating heat, the pump draws heat from the cool air outdoors and transfers it to the warm indoor space during the heating season. In summer, the pump draws heat from the indoor space and transfers it to the outside. But how effective are these heat pumps at heating and cooling?

The Cooling Efficiency of a Heat Pump

The effectiveness and efficiency of a heat pump are expressed in SEER2 (seasonal energy efficiency ratio 2). This ratio shows the energy used to generate the cooling output. Most pumps achieve a SEER2 rating of between 15 and 17, while the best systems offer up to 20.5, which is above the rating recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Mini-split heat pumps can achieve a SEER2 rating of up to 25, which is almost as high as the most effective and efficient air conditioners. As such, the best heat pumps can cool as effectively, except that they will be more energy efficient. Heat pumps are more energy efficient when cooling. At some point, they are up to five times more efficient compared to traditional air conditioners.

The Heating Efficiency of a Heat Pump

Modern heat pumps may work well in sub-zero temperatures, but some only work in such temperatures with a few modifications. These heat pumps come with features such as refrigerants with a low boiling point, variable-speed compressors, better compression cycles, and great ambient airflow rates. The standard heat pump combines with an electric resistance heater or furnace to effectively heat a home in the winter.

You will need to maintain the thermostat temperature setting at a constant temperature all day to boost the heat pump performance. Further, properly maintain the heat pump to ensure you get excellent results.


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